Onboard Staff & Volunteers Fast!

PartnerHR streamlines onboarding, so you can get new staff and volunteers up and running fast.

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Staff & Volunteer Onboarding Made Easy

PartnerHR’s automated onboarding action plans standardize and streamline onboarding, so you never miss a step and staff and volunteers are up and running in record time. Great for social service organizations and seasonal nonprofits who need to onboard several staff and volunteers at once.

Never Miss a Step

Never miss an important step, like background checks, policy agreements, and the custom steps your organization needs to onboard new staff and volunteers.

Safe Document Storage

Store all onboarding documents safely in PartnerHR, so you have a record of government required documents and can produce the proper paperwork on request.

Onboarding Oversight

At a glance, managers can see where new employees and volunteers are in the onboarding process, assign steps, and see where any roadblocks are.

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Priced for nonprofits, starting at just $20/month.